3 Dead, 2 Injured in Florida Shooting Spree


(CNN) — A man shot four men with whom he had worked — two of them fatally — in northern Florida on Saturday before shooting and killing himself, the Union County sheriff said.

Sheriff Jerry Whitehead told CNN affiliate WJXT that the Lake Butler “community is in shock,” after 72-year old Hubert Allen Jr. allegedly went on a shooting spree, killing his longtime boss, Marvin Pritchett, 80, and a former co-worker Rolando Gonzalez-Delgado, 28.

Two other men were shot and wounded.

Whitehead said he knew all of the individuals and is Pritchett’s nephew.

Lake Butler, where most of the shootings took place, is a small community of fewer than 2,000 residents.

Whitehead said Pritchett was a “self-made millionaire” and “just a great guy, with a great family.”

Pritchett’s death will have a “terrible impact on the community,” Whitehead said.

Whitehead knew Allen for 40 years, and said he’d just talked…

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