Spreading California wildfire around Yosemite feeds on dry vegetation


YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, California (CNN) — Bone-dry grass and brush Saturday fed flames as more than 2,600 crew members struggled to corral a still-growing wildfire in California’s Sierra foothills.

“This fire is very dynamic,” said Tina Rose, spokeswoman for the multiagency incident command. “The access to the fire has been hampering us. It is so difficult to get into those canyons.”

Firefighters were buoyed by the fact that winds appeared to have died down a bit and the massive Rim Fire’s rate of growth has slowed. The fire had doubled in size from Thursday to Friday, and the total loss stood at nearly 126,000 acres early Saturday evening, much of it in Stanislaus National Forest.

The blaze, which remained 5% contained, was spreading primarily to the east.

While the Rim Fire has consumed 12,000 acres in the northwest section of Yosemite National Park, so far it has had little or…

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