Men, Stay Away From Wives’ breasts While chest Feeding


Men have been advised to stay away from their wives’ br**sts while the latter are chest feeding their children. It is necessary to avoid causing wounds on the br**sts and exposing the children to infection.

Professor Angela Oyo Ita, the Cross River State Commissioner for Health during the 2013 chest Feeding Week at Akpabuyo local Government Area of the state on Tuesday, stated that men, who share their wives’ br**sts while they are chest feeding could inflict wound on the br**sts and if the woman is HIV positive, the infection could transfer to the child.

Professor Oyo Ita, represented by the Director Nutrition of the Ministry of Health, Mrs Regina Adie, urged women to practice exclusive chest feeding as chest milk contains 80% of water and 20% of minerals needed for the child’s growth and for keeping the baby healthy and strong.

She said myths that a child that is exclusively fed on chest milk for six months would at some point die out of thirst is not true because beast milk contains enough water to keep the child happy and satisfied.

“Some time ago, we came here and had a meeting with the men and called on them to support their wives to carry out exclusive chest feeding for their children and the men said no because the children would die from the thirst for water, but that is not true”.

What is more, according to her words, during the chest feeding mother-child relationships become stronger and closer.

Mrs Rosemary Effiong, the Chairman of Akpabuyo Local Government Area, represented by the Secretary of Council, Mr Edem Okon, added the council would continue providing the required support for mothers by means of financial empowerment to enable them feed well to chest feed their children.b


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