Dokpesi To Clark: You’re Pursuing Parochial Interests

The chairman of Daar Communications Plc, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, has accused foremost Ijaw national leader, Chief Edwin Clark, of pursuing parochial interests and has done more harm than good to the government of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Dokpesi was reacting to what he called Chief Clark’s “spurious and slanderous” statements against his person, saying he won’t be distracted by the likes of the elder statesman.

In a statement signed by the executive assistant to Dokpesi, Okiemute Olori on his behalf , Dopkesi said  Clark belonged to the old generation that does not believe in the unity of the Nigeria and has done more harm than good to the present administration in pursuit of his parochial interests.

“To be sure, this is not the first time Chief Clark will be engaging in this kind of unbridled and unwarranted attacks on the person and character of High Chief Raymond Dokpesi.

“Nigerians who are very familiar with the comic ranting of Chief Clark against Dokpesi and other prominent Nigerians will agree that responding to him amounts to dignifying an irritating interloper,” he said.

The statement added that time will soon tell whether Clark has served the interest of Nigeria in the past few years since the inception of President Goodluck Jonathan’s regime or whether he has been merely an agent of provocation, irritation and disunity.

“Whatever modest contributions Dr. Dokpesi has made to the growth and development of Nigeria has been by the special grade of God and he would not be distracted by the likes of E.K. Clark who has apologized to all Nigerians for his untoward remarks in the past that negates his selfish claim to elder statesmanship,” Dokpesi said.


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