Don’t fear those who cannot kill your soul, Obasanjo tells Amaechi

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, yesterday, adjuredGovernor Rotimi Amaechi of RiversState not to fear persecutions or antagonism of his politicaltraducers so long as he puts the interest of his people above every other consideration.

Speaking at a special banquet in his honour in Port‑Harcourt, the former president nevertheless admonished Amaechi not to regard anyone as his political enemy as he enjoined him to leave those who oppose him in the court of God.

Obasanjo spoke following a narration by Governor Amaechi of his travails in the hands of the Federal Government and some of its agents.

Obasanjo nevertheless welcomed the development projects of the Amaechi administration at the banquet attended by some of the leading personalities from within and outside thestate including former Supreme Court jurist, Justice Kabiri‑Whyte.

“You should not worry about what people who don’t like you much as you would want them to like you say about you, you should worry about your conscience and your God and the people who voted for you.

“If you can do what your conscience says is good and right for the people of Rivers State, keep on doing it. But bear in mind that there is God who if you do not satisfy Him has the final judgement.

“So don’t worry about what those who cannot kill the soul, they can kill the body if they like or those who will try and pull you down if you like, worry about God, the people you were voted to serve and your conscience.

“Do not say that you have enemies. I have no enemy and you should have no enemy, but if they oppose you, leave them in the court of God once you know you are doing the right thing.

“I am here to see development, I am here to hear development, I am here to talk development.”


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