Pharrell, Beyonce, Rosanne Cash all Grammy winners so far

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Pharrell won four Grammys last year, and in the first hour of the awards show Sunday, he already earned three honors.

The singer-rapper-producer won best pop solo performance and music video for “Happy,” as well as best urban contemporary album for “G I R L,” beating Beyonce.

“I am going to moonwalk my way off the stage right now,” said Pharrell, wearing a blazer and shorts.

Beyonce and Rosanne Cash also won three awards, while Sam Smith was a double winner.

Madonna, dressed as a matador, performed “Living for Love” on top of platform surrounded by a plethora of background dancers wearing bull masks. A choir did most of the singing, while Madonna danced and the audience at the Staples Center clapped in unison. She ascended into the air as the performance finished.

“Let’s give it up for our bitch Madonna,” Cyrus said as she introduced…

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