PDP Distributes Branded Phones At Rallies


With the recent decision of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to shift elections date by six weeks, Nigerian politicians seem to have upped the ante of their campaign strategy by introducing more items branded with their party logos.

Prior to this time, there have been branded shirts, shoes, caps, and even bags of rice. Now, the stake is higher. They now give people branded mobile phones at election rally. This novelty was scored by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. The party gave out KP2442 cell phones branded with umbrella logo along side the picture of President Goodluck Jonathan and Namadi Sambo, its vice presidential candidate.


The phone which also has its battery and interior branded with PDP colours, has two Subscriber Identity Module, SIM card compartments, a torch, and an ear phone.

The phone was produced in Georgia, United States, US by LUVANEX International Limited and Gendeski LB Inc.

With that gesture, the PDP has only just raised the stakes. The opposition, All Progressives Congress, APC, had previously distributed branded recharge cards at some of its rallies while a senatorial candidate on the platform of the APC in Lagos State was said to have even gone as far as distributing GOTv satellite decoders at some of his campaign.


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