Former Minister, Fani-Kayode, Disowns Children From Ex-Wife

Femi Fani-Kayode

In a lengthy article published Saturday, a representative of the family, Felix Olawunmi, narrated a turbulent post-marital relationship between the former minister and Yemisi, and said the issue of the children’s parenthood had been on for years.

The family said Yemisi, the daughter of a former Lagos state judge, refused repeatedly to allow the three girls undergo a paternity examination as requested by the Fani-Kayodes.

The former minister said he and his family had restrained themselves from going public for years, but that they became upset after ThisDay recently published a “libellous” piece about him and his former wife.

The family said they will no longer have anything to do with the three children and their mum, Yemisi.

Contacted, Mr. Fani-Kayode, who recently changed his name to Femi Olukayode, told PREMIUM TIMES the article was the position his family. He also confirmed that Mr. Olawunmi wrote on behalf of the family.

Read the article below:

‘Fani-Kayode Takes Good Care of His Children’

By Felix Olawunmi

The piece titled: “Temitope Fani-Kayode’s blissful conjugal” published in THISDAY of last week Saturday contained huge incorrect and misleading information. The motive, source and credibility of the information published are highly doubtful. Nigerians are urged to discountenance the disparaging remarks made against Chief Femi Fani-Kayode in the publication. As a member of the Fani-Kayode family and one who has followed closely the life and career of Femi-Fani-Kayode for almost 50 years, I believe it is pertinent for me to set the record straight. In 1989 or thereabout, Femi got involved with Yemisi Adeniji, the daughter of Justice Adeniji of the Lagos State high court. He had been married previously to his first wife, Saratu Attah, in 1987, and had a child with Saratu whose name is Folake who was born in 1987 but by that time Saratu and Femi had separated.

Yemisi and Femi got very close and spent much of the time together and eventually she got pregnant. When she got pregnant, the issue of marriage came up. Femi’s father, the late Chief Remilekun Fani-Kayode, objected to the marriage because he believed that Yemisi was not a stable character and was not a serious minded person. He also had lots of contempt for her background. Femi insisted on going ahead with the marriage simply because Yemisi had said that she was carrying a child and that if he didn’t marry her, she would kill herself and the child inside her.

It was on that basis that they proceeded and got married. Femi’s father refused to attend the marriage ceremony and told him that it would not last because he could see through Yemisi. Femi’s mother attended the marriage and Chief Duduyemi who was like a son to Femi’s father came to represent the father. Once the marriage took place and everything was initially okay, they went to the UK to have the child. But throughout the marriage from the beginning to the end, it was turbulent and unpleasant. They had two children – Temitope and Tobiloba. Both of them were born abroad.

Throughout the period, Femi did his best to look after them but Yemisi was always going out and found it difficult to be a responsible and decent wife. By 1993, it got to a point that Femi almost had a nervous breakdown and instead of her standing by him, not only did she desert him, she went out and had extra-marital affairs. Another child was conceived in 1993, the child was born later on in the year and that child’s name is Tumininu. But right from the outset, Femi said that she was not his child. I remember Femi telling me that he never touched Yemisi throughout that year, “yet, she maintained that it was my child.”

At the end of 1993, Femi went to the Bible Seminary in Ghana. No sooner had he left than she said she would never have anything to do with him again and that was where the marriage completely broke down.

There was another development that affected the relationship. Yemisi’s father was implicated by the Justice Kayode Esho panel that probed the Nigerian judiciary and the recommendation was that he be kicked out for corruption. Yemisi and her father told everybody that cared to listen that it was Femi’s father that was behind this. Throughout that period and regardless of the fact that they had separated, Femi did his best to send money to Yemisi and school fees and allowances for the children.

When Femi’s father died in 1995, he came back to Nigeria. The family questioned the paternity especially of the last child, Tumininu, and not only that, they were so disgusted by Yemisi’s behavior and the insults and the things she kept saying about the family that nobody wanted her and her children to attend the burial. That was why their names were not listed among Femi’s father’s grandchildren during the burial notices. They forced themselves on the Christian wake-keeping.

After that, and for a number of years, Femi remained in touch. He kept sending her money for the children. He kept doing his best to take care of them. Even when Femi went to Ghana on exile in 1996 and came back again to Nigeria in 2001, throughout that period, he was in touch. He kept sending money to all three children irrespective of the uncertainty over their paternity. He took care of their school fees; he took care of their needs and gave as much as he possibly could. By 1995, he formally divorced Yemisi and inside the affidavit of divorce, he wrote there that one of the reasons was because he questioned the paternity of especially the last child. For fear of being exposed about the real paternity of the children, Yemisi offered to settle out of court and the divorce eventually went through and that was the end of it.

After that, Femi got married to Regina his third wife in 1997 and moved on with life as she did as well. He had a child from that union by name Remilekun in 1997 and spent most of his time in Ghana but eventually, he came back to Nigeria. Throughout those years, he kept sending money to the three children by Yemisi. He did his very best despite the fact that all through the years, all that Yemisi Adeniji did was to abuse him, insult him and tell lies about his family.

When in 2001, Femi returned to Nigeria and Yemisi reached him and he saw the children from time to time. He did his best for them throughout that period. Eventually, he got into government and all she ever did was just to demand for money. He did his best for her. He kept on doing the best he could do; he kept on taking care of the children.

When Femi was appointed a minister, Yemisi tried her best to scuttle his ministerial clearance in the Senate by telling lies about him all over the place but she failed. After he was confirmed as a minister, she now decided to settle with him and tried to restore a reasonable relationship and she begged for help. Femi assisted her and the three children. He even bought a house for her in London.

Femi did all these purely out of compassion and not because he owed her anything. Quite apart from that, throughout that period, he was taking care of the fees of the children, by cheque, by transfer, by cash and he was seeing the children regularly. When Femi stopped being minister and EFCC started hounding him, she then started sending abusive text messages and saying he was going to go to jail.

What caused that hatred was simply the fact that Femi was happily married to somebody else and had moved on with his life. Nevertheless, Femi still interacted with the children for quite some time. Eventually she poisoned the mind of the children that not even the children themselves ever acknowledged nor ever came to court to support Femi during the case. Femi refused to have anything to do with them from 2012 onwards. From that period, he cut himself off completely and Yemisi’s desperation got more. Yemisi was granting series of interviews, denigrating him, running him down and saying he had done nothing for the children.

Eventually, a few weeks back, Femi read on the internet that one of the children was getting married. Once he read that, he reached out to the Randle family saying that “if you are getting married to anybody that bears the name Fani-Kayode, we should know about it”, but he said Yemisi objected to Femi’s family having anything to do with the marriage and that if he wanted to have anything to do with the marriage, he should try and settle everything between them first. So, Femi’s family members met with the Randles and with Yemisi’s mother.

Femi’s family asked uncles like Chief Alex Duduyemi to intervene because they would not participate in this wedding unless one condition was satisfied and that condition was this, that all the three children have a paternity test. Despite Femi’s pleas that his family should try and overlook that, they said no way.

So when they said they would not go for the paternity test, Femi’s family said they would not have anything to do with the wedding. The family has it on good authority that the July 5th day set for the wedding was in the hope that Femi would have been jailed by then and that his being jailed would also be celebrated at the wedding. The Randle family didn’t reach out to Femi’s family, and in Yoruba tradition. All Femi’s family asked for was a paternity test which they refused to do. Once it was clear that all the discussions did not bear any fruit, the family as led by the head of the Fani-Kayodes now took a decision that a few days before the marriage, they would take a full page advert and also announce on television that the girl was not their daughter and that she has nothing to do with the family.

But at the last minute, Femi intervened and appealed to all the elders to just ignore them and leave them. They had the first ceremony, they had the second ceremony, they had the third ceremony, not one of Femi’s family members attended. The only one that attended was Femi’s first daughter, Folake, and she did that with his understanding.

The talk that Femi didn’t do anything for the children is all rubbish. He did plenty for the children. They said that he was beating Yemisi while pregnant. It is all lies. If he was beating her, why did she stay to purportedly have two more children? Why should anybody be concerned about things that happened in a marriage that finished almost thirty or twenty five years ago? Femi has moved on. He has a very good relationship with the mother of Folake. He has a good relationship with Folake. He has a very good relationship with the mother of Remilekun. He has a good relationship with Remilekun, his youngest daughter.

It is only Yemisi that he does not have a good relationship with because she’s full of bitterness and hatred and envy. There is no way he would have a good relationship with her children because they have no respect for him, they have never honoured him; they wanted him to go to jail.
The only recognition they have before high society is the fact that she is Femi Fani-Kayode’s ex-wife. The only reason why people recognise Yemisi’s girls is because Fani-Kayode is attached to them.

As far as we are concerned in the Fani-Kayode family, Femi has two children, Folake and Remilekun. The family does not recognize those other three. We don’t wish them ill; we have no hatred for them. They are not just part of us. So, nobody should be surprised that we didn’t go to the wedding. And there is no question of reconciling with supposed daughters that have no respect for their father, that have no love for their father and have done nothing but run their father down everywhere.

In fact, there was a time Femi begged them to change their name from Fani-Kayode because in our culture, what they are doing is shameful. You do not side with one parent against the other, and you do not expect a man, a father, to take rubbish from a child. Their mother is so embittered, so full of hate and malice. They have chosen to go that way and we have chosen to ignore them and not to go on a war path with them or start talking about them because we have class and they do not.

So, Femi does not hate his children. He is just indifferent to the ones borne by Yemisi. He has no fatherly feeling for those children except for Folake and Remilekun. The lies that he is an absentee father that never takes care of his children could only have come out from a hateful, venomous and malicious heart. Anyone can ask Folake’s mother, anyone can ask Remilekun’s mother, Femi takes good care of his children.


Fire Engulfs Dubai’s Torch Tower Skyscraper


A huge fire has engulfed part of the Torch Tower in Dubai, forcing thousands of people to flee the 1,100ft skyscraper.

The fire reportedly started in the middle of the residential building, rapidly spreading across some 15 floors.

In several videos posted on social media websites, multiple floors of the tower were seen ablaze.

As yet, it is unclear what caused the fire.

There are no initial reports of injuries.

Torch Tower is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.

PDP Faction Wants Jonathan Out As Candidate, As Party Faces Deepening Schisms

In separate interviews with SaharaReporters, numerous PDP officials disclosed that many founding members of the party had lost confidence in Mr. Jonathan’s viability as a candidate, adding that a faction within the party had discussed easing the incumbent president out of the presidential race, and replacing him with another candidate from the Niger Delta zone.

“The only obstacle to the plan is that the South-South might kick against it, so we have arrived at a consensus to find another candidate,” one of our sources, a northerner, said.

“If elections could be postponed for six months, we will definitely replace President Jonathan as our candidate,” another member of the faction confirmed.

In a clear sign that the party was crumbling was within, several high ranking PDP members said they regretted letting President Jonathan carry the party’s flag as a presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections. Some of them confessed to being aware that the party’s prospects looked dire with Mr. Jonathan holding the presidential ticket.

“We are the ones who started the push for six months delay in the elections to enable us [to] put in place an interim government which would then enable the party to change its presidential candidate to somebody that is more competitive,” one official confessed. He added that Mr. Jonathan’s faction also sought the extension for their own designs, which was to explore ways of rigging the elections.

Our interviews revealed that many PDP governorship candidates in the north and elsewhere in the country were secretly working against Mr. Jonathan’s re-election or quietly distancing themselves from him.

One party leader revealed that some candidates in the northern area were all but campaigning for Mr. Buhari, the presidential flag bearer of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC).

However, some PDP officials told SaharaReporters that, while they hoped that President Jonathan could be sidelined to increase the chances of the party in the upcoming elections, they also wished that the APC would also dump Mr. Buhari as its presidential candidate.

The party officials claimed that key political figures across Nigeria continue to view a Buhari Presidency with mortal fear because of his stubborn personality and his promise to punish the corrupt.

Several of the PDP officials told SaharaReporters that the rift between Mr. Jonathan and a large faction in the party that wants him dumped was reflected in the responses to former President Olusegun Obasanjo who two days ago dramatically announced his resignation from the PDP, publicly tearing his membership card. Two of the officials disclosed that, while Mr. Jonathan’s aides launched direct attacks on Mr. Obasanjo, the officials at the party headquarters in Abuja adopted a more cautious and subdued tone, regretting that the former president had decided to leave the party.

Some officials stated that the party hierarchy viewed Mr. Obasanjo’s public departure from the party as a dangerous signal and as a major threat. “Chief Obasanjo doesn’t just come out swinging the way he has done recently unless he is privy to the existence of some third forces that are against President Jonathan. And to the best of our knowledge, the former president has never fought a battle like this and lost, no matter how long it takes him,” one of the officials said.

“The truth is that many senators, honorable members of the House of Reps and governors are loyal to Baba, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. So they are doing Baba’s bidding even though they are giving Mr. President [Jonathan] the impression that they are with him,” another party official in Abuja said.

The party officials acknowledged that the statements of former President Obasanjo in the last three days had caused a major havoc on the party’s plans to work towards an interim national government.

Several of the PDP officials attributed the fractiousness within the party to the way Mr. Jonathan and his wife, Patience Jonathan, imposed unpopular candidates on the party in various parts of the country. Even though they agreed that Mr. Obasanjo had imposed candidates on the party in the past, one PDP official said the Jonathans consistently backed candidates who were extremely unpopular within the PDP and unelectable.

Asked if President Jonathan was aware of plans to replace him, some of our sources said the president knew that many powerful members of the party were not satisfied with his style and low performance. One source said former Vice President Alex Ekwueme and even the party’s chairman of the board of trustees, Tony Anenih, were far from enthusiastic about Mr. Jonathan’s re-election.

“President Jonathan’s candidature and unpopularity are damaging the party,” one official stated. He added that the party’s electoral prospects in the general elections had dwindled dramatically. “We are only sure of carrying about 11 states in the country, according to our internal polls,” one party official disclosed.

Party officials also said they were determined to change numerous candidates for governorships, the Senate and House of Representatives in several states if the six-month postponement ever became a reality. “The way President Jonathan and First Lady Patience Jonathan picked many candidates has now weakened the party across the country,” one top official in Abuja complained.

Source: Sahara Reporters

We’ll kill 20 for each police life lost during elections — Controversial Police AIG Mbu

Joseph Mbu

The newly posted Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 2, Joseph Mbu, on Thursday declared that the elections in his zone will be “fire for fire” if politicians play any pranks.

The controversial police boss made the declaration at a meeting with police of the Ogun State Command at its Eleweran Headquarters, Abeokuta.

Mr. Mbu instructed his men to be battle-ready for the election and warned politicians to have a second thought over any planned criminal act.

He said if any of his men were shot, no less than twenty civilians would pay for it.

“If one of my men is killed, I shall kill twenty of them but don’t shoot first,” Mr. Mbu said. “If they shoot you, shoot back in self-defence. Anybody who fires you, fire him back in self-defence.”

He told his men that they were the only authority with the power to arrest, before, during and after elections.

He noted that it was not compulsory for the police officers to greet even a governor who comes to vote.

“You have the power to stop the governor,” he said. “We are in a critical period. We are not para-military. We must be bold and brave. Keep an eagle eye on everybody. We are authorised by the constitution to arrest before, during and after election. Our role is to ensure free, fair and violence free election.”

Mr. Mbu came to national limelight following his public squabbles with the Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi while Mr. Mbu was a police commissioner in the state.

Mr. Amaechi accused Mr. Mbu of plotting to kill him and called the AIG a tool of the Presidency.


PDP Distributes Branded Phones At Rallies


With the recent decision of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to shift elections date by six weeks, Nigerian politicians seem to have upped the ante of their campaign strategy by introducing more items branded with their party logos.

Prior to this time, there have been branded shirts, shoes, caps, and even bags of rice. Now, the stake is higher. They now give people branded mobile phones at election rally. This novelty was scored by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. The party gave out KP2442 cell phones branded with umbrella logo along side the picture of President Goodluck Jonathan and Namadi Sambo, its vice presidential candidate.


The phone which also has its battery and interior branded with PDP colours, has two Subscriber Identity Module, SIM card compartments, a torch, and an ear phone.

The phone was produced in Georgia, United States, US by LUVANEX International Limited and Gendeski LB Inc.

With that gesture, the PDP has only just raised the stakes. The opposition, All Progressives Congress, APC, had previously distributed branded recharge cards at some of its rallies while a senatorial candidate on the platform of the APC in Lagos State was said to have even gone as far as distributing GOTv satellite decoders at some of his campaign.

Stealing same as corruption, lawyers tell Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

Some lawyers have cautioned President Goodluck Jonathan to stop differentiating between the acts of stealing and corruption.

The President had during the 8th presidential media chat on Wednesday maintained that there was a difference between the two acts. This came several months after he first made a similar statement.

“If somebody is a thief, he is a thief. We should not use the word ‘corruption’ to cover a case of stealing. Thieves should be called thieves,” the President had said.

However, a lawyer and human rights activist, Prof. Itse Sagay, said in a telephone conversation with Saturday PUNCH that there was no technical difference between the two acts and that persons involved in either should be made to face the wrath of the law.

He said, “In a broad legal sense, they are the same. Stealing is taking what belongs to another person without the consent of the owner with the intention of keeping it permanently.

“Corruption is using an office to acquire the resources of an organisation without working for it and without the organisation’s awareness. Looking at it, using an office as a political office holder to acquire what belongs to the state results to stealing.

“Ultimately, every act of corruption is an act of stealing. There is no question about it. There is no moral or ethical difference between them. Both are criminal, immoral and anti-social acts and nobody should attempt to make one look lighter than the other. People who commit either should be dealt with seriously.”

A civil rights lawyer, Fred Agbaje, said President Jonathan’s differentiation between the acts was clear evidence that the President’s government is corrupt.

He said that the President was only giving two terms for same offence.

He said, “Defence of stealing as different from corruption is indicative of the fact that President Jonathan’s administration is morally bankrupt.

“What the President has said is an admission of guilt and that his government is corrupt. It is a distinction without substance. It is calling one object two different names.

The nomenclature may differ, but the substance of both allegations is the same.

“Which of them is allowed in our law whether he calls them in different names? They are both punishable under our penal laws. Stealing is even worse than corruption. Both of them carry a legal element of deliberately taking what does not belong to someone with the intent of depriving the taxpayers.”


Ex-NPC chair and President Jonathan’s ally, Festus Odimegwu, endorses Buhari

Festus Odumegwu

A former Managing Director of Nigeria Breweries Plc and immediate past Chairman of the National Population Commission, Festus Odimegwu, has written a lengthy article endorsing the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, and explaining why he is the best man for the nation’s top job as Nigeria grapples with political, security and economic challenges.

Mr. Odimegwu was an appointee of President Goodluck Jonathan after he helped rally the organised private sector to support the enthronement of the Umaru Yar’Adua presidency in which Mr. Jonathan served as vice president.

He remained close to Mr. Jonathan, who appointed him chairman of the National Population Commission. He however left the position in controversial circumstances after he made comments considered critical of a section of the country.

He has kept a distance from the Presidency and the administration ever since.

In his endorsement of Mr. Buhari Saturday, Mr. Odimegwu said, “Countries without the likes of Buhari in power ultimately perishes. There are really no other options to greatness than through great leaders. Buhari has the qualities. And he has a date with destiny in the Nigerian presidency from 2015 – 2023. May God give him the right vision and guide him.”

Read full article below.

The topic of this intervention recommended itself as it is very evident that Nigerians want change. It is also very clear to the discerning that majority will vote for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) to save Nigeria from bad leadership and an under-performing administration. The contrived postponement of the election also attests to this. And the international community supports this. This is good for our democracy in many ways and good for Nigerians.

President Goodluck Jonathan is therefore better advised to conduct a free and fair election. Any other planned election manipulation projects should be shelved, as the dark forces lurking even within the administration can hijack and truncate the nascent democracy and tip the current groundswell in the country into avoidable crisis. The inclination, alluded to in some quarters, to take the country down, than lose honourably, is not necessary. And any rigging that denies Nigerians their need for change, will have the same effect. The only sensible option is to allow the will of the people to prevail; support free and fair elections without further manipulations and let every vote count.

The second introductory issue worth raising in this intervention is the erroneous assumption that the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable even when all evidence show that Nigeria is never united. Has never had unity. How can one sustain what does not exist? A lot of people make a lot of noise about unity even while doing things that keep the country severely divided. Unity can never be achieved by rhetorics, or as a wishful thinking or by force but can only be a reality if we all work on it, with our political actors leading by example. It can be an outcome and not a given as some un-informed delusionists assume, claim and posture with.

My full name, for instance, is Eze‘kulie Festus Anthony Boniface Oha Odimegwu Okonkwo Nwa-Uboh Ikpendu Ndieze Umuozo Okanadiji UbiriElem…Nnemiriukwu-Chukwuabiama. This bloodline extends almost 1000 years ago, into perpetuity. Within its Obidigboness, the central issue here is that Odimegwu, who was born in 1868 and died in 1969 at the ripe age of 101 years, was born a proud Igbo man and not a Nigerian, as Nigeria did not exist then. My Ancestors into perpetuity from Odimegwu were Igbos. Never Nigerians. Nigerians is what the British want us to be from 1914, a mere 100 years ago.

I can be a Nigerian from proud Igbo extraction, but only under an agreed basis that is irreversibly committed to and maintained in reality. This Unity in Diversity with other nationalities is only possible under certain conditions. It is not as automatic or to be assumed as me being Igbo. And the basis of this, as enshrined in our Constitution, is that our Union must be built on Truth, Justice, Equity and Fairness to lead to unity, peace, and sustainable progress. This progress within Nigeria must be better than progress within the ethnic nationalities to make it attractive to all participating nations. It is only under such conditions precedent that it makes sense to become fully and happily a Nigerian. Otherwise it will be to your tents for every one irrespective of what anyone or any nationality thinks. And understanding this simple idea by all participating nationalities and persons, no matter who, is essential for progress.

The third introductory issue, another fallacy and delusion, shared by most of the predatory ruling cabals in Nigeria, is the wrong notion that they understand Nigerians as gullible and naive people who can always be divided along ethnic and religious lines and therefore incapable of rising up in revolt over predatory leaders. The insult of postponing the elections, with belief of no consequences, is the most recent example. The examples of impunity and massive looting of public treasury, without fear of consequences, is also ongoing. The emerging conspiracy to scuttle the election altogether is another: one reads of coups, interim governments, at least six weeks open ended postponement, and from the same characters of the June 12 annulment, the same dynamics that led to the death of MKO Abiola and even Sani Abacha, the possibilities of an unsigned press release that annulled June 12 etc.

The dark forces that have held Nigeria down over 100 years now are rearing their ugly heads again, double-speaking, contriving, unable to give clear answers to simple direct questions and all for personal and self-serving reasons, for continued exploitation of Nigeria and Nigerians that are already laying prostrate. The Arab Spring examples recommend themselves for all. Muammar Ghadafi of Libya was extracted from a waste pipe. Mubarak of Egypt, the lost Pharaoh, was put in a cage in Egyptian courts. The wise can learn from examples like these. The corrupt leaders of Nigeria should let Nigerians be!

And the Federal Government, as distinct from the ruling party, must take steps to secure the life of General Buhari as these intrigues thicken. Nothing should happen to him. He may not be a saint. Even the late Nelson Mandela rightly said he was not. No one is. But he now personifies the new hope for Nigeria. Nigerians need him. Nigerians need change. What happened to Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, MKO Abiola and even Sani Abacha must not happen to him. Nigeria may not survive if it does. And the Federal Government should keep on a straight and narrow path to avoid boxing itself into a corner that can be hijacked out of its control. Deductive reasoning and good sense of applied history recommend this caution, given in the overall interest of our country.

With these introductory advise, let us put the challenges before President Buhari in historical context. The important question here is: what is the unedited story of Nigeria to date? In summary the narrative is as follows: History and papers in the colonial archives have it that, Britain colonised Nigeria and ran it for their interest from 19th century to 1914 when they amalgamated the poor North with the rich South with an obnoxious concept of Northern husband and Southern wife of means in a new creation called Nigeria and held the colonised captives without their consultation or agreement. 1914 to 1960 represented 46 years of exploiting the amalgamated protectorates according to the wishes of the British Crown. And this, unfortunately, should be expected. On their exit at independence they found it wise to impose a fraudulent census data on Nigeria that enabled them to rig the elections and hand over power to the northern part of the union in preference to the troublesome (enlightened) southern part: in their continued self-interest.

The first republic was soon showing signs of un-informed leadership, with no clear national vision for the young nation and it is not surprising that the centre could not hold sooner than later. The regions were antagonising themselves in absence of a capable and independent leader at the Federal Government level; the prime minister reporting to the Northern Premier as it were, violating basic principles of organisation. And entrenching the interest of the Caliphate against pursuing a national vision of greatness.

Young crazy army officers struck in 1966 but killed political leaders of Northern origin more than from other regions but the coup was significantly quelled under an Igbo head of the army, who himself was also not particularly well educated. Northern officers labelled the coup an Igbo coup for convenience and butchered Igbos in their thousands including the Head of the army that had also become the Head of state for about six months. The savagery of this pogrom is not yet matched, even in modern terrorist enclaves. In self defence and to avoid genocide against them, the Igbos retreated to Eastern Nigeria and hastily declared the Republic of Biafra, where all Igbos could have a safe haven: A Home land since Northerners do not want them in the North and the seat of Federal Government, now managed by also uneducated northern army officers, was in Lagos, western Nigeria.

An accord was reached in Aburi between the antagonists, where the new nation of Biafra was led by its Oxford University trained Head of State with an upper-class mien and confidence that seem to have raised envy, hatred and the general Nigerian “let us deal with him” antagonism. On return, the Nigerian side was now educated by their supporters that what they agreed with the state of Biafra is not good for implementation as it will prevent continued exploitation of the rest of the country by the new northern overlords.

Biafra stood on Aburi: Nigeria stood on keeping Nigeria one: two positions that can be resolved at the level of creative synthesis, but the young hot heads on both sides, driven by idealism from the Biafra side and by regional domination from the Northern side and an avoidable war was started, first as a police action and later a full scale war against the Eastern part, now called Biafra and the rest of Nigeria.

The North procured Western support by releasing their leader from prison and later procured Eastern minority support, to sabotage the Biafra position with all sorts of promises that included taking over the real estate assets of their fellow easterners, Biafrans, at the end of the war. Almost two million lives were lost on both sides, but more on Igbo side; including the use of hunger and starvation as instruments of war, even if against women and children! After the war, no victor and no vanquished was declared and reconciliation, rehabilitation, and restoration announced. All have been observed in breach, with all rich Igbos reduced to twenty pounds, as the Igbo political marginalisation also continues till today, to the detriment of Nigeria.

The emerged, mostly Northern, army of occupation now operating as a full army of fortune, re-colonised Nigeria and established a corrupt political leadership class that rotates between the Northern military and civilian political wings. No thought was spared for Nigeria. The other Nigerians became onlookers as the Northern impunity held sway replacing one clueless government with another without even sharing with their collaborating western and conspiratorial eastern minority partners in the war against the Igbos, beyond the indigenisation timing and so called abandoned property execution.

Then a prominent and loved cosmopolitan Yoruba won the presidency, beating the north to their own game of deception. The election was mindlessly and thoughtlessly annulled and the Yorubas cried foul. The caliphate North said they were born to rule. The Yorubas refused. Brutality was deployed against the Yorubas by the North. Another Yoruba, a former military Head of State, was jailed. The military maximum leader from the North was himself cornered by colleagues he sidelined, inside his military Presidential fortress, and offered an unholy apple. And MKO then had to be honoured with an executive supervised tea service to return to ground zero.

Olusegun Obasanjo was preserved at this point as the North needed a trusted ally to calm things down before taking power over again, as their birth right. He was released from prison and taken to the presidency. The military continued in power by other means! The army of fortune that claimed to have fought to keep Nigeria one continued to exploit the country without let, united in sharing the oil money and the loot of war as they would have seen it. Learning nothing from recent happenings.

But Obasanjo was not quite like The Obasanjo before prison experience; he became his own man and grew into power as in office: The north refused and invented sharia to destabilise him. But he is a General and also experienced and well known internationally, having being a military Head of state that handed over to a northern civilian with an unbalanced mathematics. He even negotiated in desert tents and being who he is, that also made him survive in prison, he also survived these intrigues. He attended to the army wing of politics and executed a strategic handover that eventually enthroned a Minority in the Presidency. Jonathan emerged with a lot of goodwill and as a breath of fresh air: not from the Caliphate North, not an ex-military man, and not from any of the majority tribes. A younger man than the immediate past Presidents. And above all a University graduate. A PhD!

Nigerians were very hopeful that a new era that would be better than the British colonial era of exploitation from 1914 – 1960 and better than the caliphate North mis-rule from 1960 – 2010 effectively (Obj being a creation of the North) has started. A new era where an ordinary (qualified) Nigerian will truly enable Nigeria to practice democracy: a government of the people for the people by the people!

The President Goodluck Jonathan Presidency, is ultimately an Obj creation, even if not originally planned so. It is therefore very significant if this Presidency is rated low by its main promoter and its low performance rating then becomes comprehensive with the latest endorsement of Buhari by Obasanjo despite all the hedging. Other prominent Nigerians, with objective minds have also made direct calls that Buhari be supported and be voted for. From my detailed analysis and observations, I am aligned to that thinking.

However, I have not seen any one that truly captured why the Jonathan Presidency failed the hope of ordinary Nigerians. It is my conviction that all the failings of his Presidency emanated from one mortal leadership sin: the deliberate and sustained replacement of a presidential vision that should be good for Nigeria and Nigerians with a personal vision uncompromisingly focused on re-election! He sacrificed and was ready to sacrifice anything and everything, anyone and every one for re-election! He continuously saw himself as a politician instead of the President of Nigeria! This is really frightening and dangerous when the full ramification is internalised. Anything and everything that can lead to re-election is allowed no matter how wrong or unwholesome, and anything and everything that is good for Nigeria and Nigerians, but that has no immediate direct link to re-election can be traded for re-election! This is not leadership. This led to leadership failure including the Kano Governor taking over our Presidential villa to abort Nigeria having a credible and accurate census!

Analysing it further is not necessary for the initiated. Where there is no vision, the people suffer like we have also seen with the North currently at the receiving end of insurgency and displaced persons, including trafficking of children and heart-aching forceful slavery of about 300 Chibok young school girls. It is providential that APC provided an alternative platform. If not, a real crisis is possible, if the Jonathan Presidency, with PDP as a party, continued the current governance deception or charade.

And for APC to make change possible, like a done deal, Nigerians must thank the Jagaban of Nigeria, the last standing Governor of the 1999 class, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for unmatched vision and patriotic role in forming the APC. Nigerians must also thank General Buhari of CPC, Chief Ogbonnaya Onu of ANPP, Owelle Rochas Okorocha of an APGA faction and HE Atiku Abubakar, Turaki Adamawa for leading the New PDP team to reinforce APC. Special thanks to the Lion of the South South, HE Rt. Hon Rotimi Amaechi for being a man and a leader of character: committed to his people till death if necessary.

These are the great Nigerians, with their teams, that gave a platform to save Nigeria. The Good Lord has forgiven all their shortcomings and prepared a special abode for them in paradise. As already well said elsewhere, General Buhari is educated enough. Experienced enough and meaning well enough to be our President. No more unnecessary distractions. And the only advice one can give APC at this point is to make Tinubu the Party Chairman (forget zoning) so that he can build APC into an ANC type party, with internal democracy and where the elected President cannot dictate to the Party, and the Party can discipline an erring President. Where the Leader of the Party is the Chairman of the Party and not the President to allow for separation of powers, for checks and balances. PDP was ruined doing the opposite as an evidence of this need.

This short historical excursion shows that all Regions of Nigeria have tasted what it feels like to be under a country where things are not done properly. Overall, Buhari has remained above the rot and now positioned to save Nigeria. And Buhari himself said: “My dear friends, this is very important to note: it doesn’t matter if you are Igbo, Yoruba, Ijaw,Hausa, Idoma, Efik, Ikwere, Urhobo, Igala and, no, it doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, Muslim, Animist or Atheist: we need a new direction under a new leadership. The task ahead will be very challenging and daunting, but it is surmountable. This is what leadership is about; my only desire is to prove to you that Nigeria can truly work. Allow me to prove to you that in your lifetime, you can be proud of this country. Let me make you this promise today: we will protect your children; we will protect your wealth. We will make this country work again. This is why i am running for the office of the President of Nigeria. This is my promise.”The pertinent question is: Why General Buhari? I believe him because he is believable. I believe him because he has a track record of being a serious leader. I believe that General Buhari will do well as President of Nigeria and that he needs the support of all for seven reasons:

He has the personal example of honesty and integrity. He will not steal with compulsion.

As Fulani he can relate better with the Caliphate to help redeem its image of misrule and establish once and for all that where a leader comes from is not important. What is important is that he performs well for Nigeria and all Nigerians.

As a General he will relate best to the Nigerian military to help redeem their image of mis-rule too and show that our military is a worthy national institution and not army of occupation with soldiers of fortune.

He is committed to fight corruption and compulsive stealing. This is key now, with 5 and 6 as well.

He is committed to fight insurgency and can handle it better.

He cares about ordinary Nigerians and will serve them wholeheartedly.

He is supported by many prominent objective Nigerians, international objective media and the civilized world. He is dreaded by many that have looted Nigeria dry. And I am happy in this worthy company of free citizens of the world and institutions that endorses General Buhari and recommends him to all Nigerians.

What General Buhari and APC owe Nigeria and Nigerians, during this extra and unnecessary six weeks delay to election day and even long after is to SECURE THE LIFE of General Buhari. It is imaginable, given the annulment of June 12 under unclear circumstances, that this six weeks delay can have more supporters than are known. President Jonathan himself can lose control as during the trying time of the 1993 election crisis. It is imaginable that some vested interests may not want both President Jonathan and General Buhari and may work alone or in cooperation with others to impose a contrived and orchestrated interim government that is now gaining traction. Or coups or coups baits that are being mentioned, worsened also by giving security agencies more roles over election matters than necessary.

The forces that aborted June 12 could still be alive. General Buhari in many ways reminds one of MKO. Nigerians must shine their eyes beyond the ordinary and the conventional. Things seem to me now like the more one looks, the less one sees. There is a logical need therefore, based on the history of MKO’s political struggle to have cause for concern. Similarities, comments, personalities, etc. are emerging and trending. APC as a priority should secure the life of General Buhari. It is important for Nigeria and Nigerians. And as said earlier, this is also the task for the Federal Government, specifically the President. This bulk must stop on this table: no relegation, no excuses.

Now, what are the key challenges before President Buhari when elected? Nigerians are hopeful that General Buhari will live for them and win the coming election. And I want him to be the best President Nigeria ever had after his two terms in 2023. But this will be based on his performance in office, for Nigeria and all Nigerians, and not on sentiments. For that to happen, he needs to meet the following seven challenges as an absolute minimum:

One Nigeria for All Nigerians: He must come with a Vision of One Nigeria for All Nigerians. Based onTruth, Justice, Equity and Fairness as the only basis for sustainable Unity, Peace and Progress. This progress must be bigger and greater than progress under ethnic, regional, religious or other identity platform.

Every thing he does must be driven by this Greater Nigeria, Greater Nigerian Vision. He must rally the Nation, the Nigerian Nation and all Nigerians with this inspiring leadership vision based on his continued honesty, integrity and personal example. Nigerians will believe and follow him. And that is what leadership is all about. This will ensure that the two million or so Nigerians who died during the Nigerian civil war will not die in vain and for their souls to finally rest in peace. Keeping Nigeria One is good but certainly not the current Nigeria. To keep Nigeria One for ALL NIGERIANS is a task that must be done!! On that vision we must all stand.

First Class Cabinet: He must establish a credible and competent cabinet and Presidency with only credible, honest and competent professionals with integrity and personal examples too: extending himself and his goodness into the total executive arm at the Federal level that will impact on executive arms at the Regional levels and the Legislative and Judiciary arms at all levels. This is the magic of honest leadership!! This Presidency can lift the entire nation, all sectors.

Assemble the best Team of Nigerians from anywhere in the world to give the best cabinet and Presidency ever designed and in placed in Nigeria. Really qualified persons may be begged to join the cabinet/Presidency. This Presidency under the President, should then develop the strategic Architecture to develop Nigeria in 8 years, even without a drop of oil and oil revenue!!!
This Presidency will, by example, provide leadership for the Legislature, Judiciary and all public servants/civil service at both the Federal and Regional Government levels, even with separation of powers.

This presidency, by absolute dedication to the well-being of Nigerians, and well-being of all Nigerians ALONE will have the moral suasion and audacious impact to mobilize all civil society organizations, media, academia, labour, youths, women and the international community to enforce what is right on all Nigerians and all institutions of state.

Strong and patriotic leadership precedes all strong institutional formulation, building and establishment. Strong institutions and maintenance culture are outcomes of strong leadership that also establishes good laws and enforce them no matter who is involved. Nigeria cannot be an exception. And the President and his Vice are not the first and second citizens by order of protocol for nothing. The President, can and should take the lead. And if doing the right things, all will follow. And all will be made to follow one way or the other. Leadership determines followership in our type of society. Leaders with integrity and personal example like Buhari are needed for progress. And their goodness cascade down and permeate the Nation.

Countries without the likes of Buhari in power ultimately perishes. There are really no other options to greatness than through great leaders. Buhari has the qualities. And he has a date with destiny in the Nigerian presidency from 2015 – 2023. May God give him the right vision and guide him.
Security for all Nigerians: Security has socio-economic and political inclusive, vision-driven and effective governance aspects that needs to be handle in conjunction. But directly he needs:

To degrade, destroy and eliminate Boko Haram insurgency in the North, including immediate arrest and prosecution of sponsors, financiers and hate religious preachers and severe punishment of those implicated in the abuse of IDPs.

To degrade, destroy and eliminate kidnapping and armed robbery kingpins and drug barons in the South East including removal of all criminals in traditional institutions and in political offices and parties through special courts for accelerated no nonsense hearing.

To continue to contain militancy in the South South including arresting and prosecuting all sponsors and leaders of massive oil thefts and collaborating security organizations – private and state.
To carry out a massive youth empowerment job creation and invest in education and vocational training targeting elimination of prostitution, human trafficking, modern day slavery and idleness of youths.
Restore sanctity in the military and security agencies including severe disciplinary actions, jail terms and court marshalls for those who perpetrate corruption in security matters and intelligence officers that collaborate with criminals, by sitting on their files, allowing them into political offices.

Eliminate Corruption (reduction will not do!): Corruption has killed Nigeria. People steal without consequences. The rule of law is in breach. Some Nigerians are more equal than others. Write your name in gold to stop this.

First work with the National Assembly and all Nigerians to close all office duplications that will reduce the 2000 + MDAs to just the Constitutional Bodies and maximum of 24 Ministries with eye to reduce recurrent expenditure to 30 % max and capital expenditure to 70% minimum by design / planning. And enforce the monetisation policy. This will be a good signal of serious leadership and no business as usual.

Take all Audit Reports on corruption cases since independence till date and set up a small body of 10 incorruptible Nigerians to vet it and sieve out all refunds needed. Work to set up special courts, with high integrity known judges with modern ICT-based court process and with international support and ask them to recover all stolen Nigerian funds in one year maximum. This will generate more funds than your Administration will ever be able to invest in Nigeria in eight years even without selling a drop of oil.

This is the best thing you can do for Nigeria with your integrity and honour. If it is not done, people will continue to steal turn by turn and kill themselves for political office. Public service must not be a route to material wealth. Public service should not be the best economy. It should only be an avenue for sacred service to fellow Nigerians. Once there is the political will to do this, you will be surprised how easy it is to execute. It is the criminals that should be afraid and not honourable Nigerians working on behalf of the Nation and on behalf of Nigerians. Stand firm on this.

The well-being of all Nigerians Imperative: The economy should be managed for 12% growth that creates Jobs, Jobs and Jobs.

Having a credible census for Accurate Demographic Data is key to professional management of the economy. The envelope system without data, without strategy and plan supports corruption.

Physical and Social Infrastructure (Education, Health, Transport, ICT etc) and Development strategy and plans coordinated by the CEO of Nigeria Plc / The President are all key. You cannot delegate this. Technocrats with performance track records abound to handle this area but under your supervision to benefit all Nigerians. Regulators and the regulated must never sleep in same beds, to avoid massive scams and absolute conflicts of interests as presently the case.

Sustained Re-orientation Policy, Projects and Programmes to convert ethnic nationalities with different religious orientations and economic backgrounds into PROUD NIGERIANS: This is key. A national education and re-education programme aimed at all levels for Nigerians.

The elite must be educated that their lives can only be better in a united and peaceful Nigeria. And that they will NOT be allowed to ruin Nigeria and run away.

Justice, Truth, Equity and Fairness must be entrenched in every public affairs for continued work towards Unity, Peace and Progress that will be sustained. Forced unity is not possible. And good peace for real progress will not be possible without sustainable unity. Experts abound to do this work for Nigeria and Nigerians but only the President will guarantee the foundation: that Truth, Justice, Equity, Fairness and Rule of ‘good’ law for sustainable Unity, Peace and Progress must never be violated with impunity as we march towards a Greater Nigeria and Proud to be Nigerians Vision.

Credible People-based Constitution: Above all, all these ingredients of greatness for our country and improved well-being of all Nigerians should be coded and encapsulated in a People-based Constitution, and the constitution that Nigeria needs and that should be put in place must enshrine the values of truth, justice, fairness and equity as organising principles to guide all our national actions. The route to it can be through the National Assembly that is willing or through other many possible routes. But it is a must have. It must abolish all obnoxious frauds in our constitution that keep us divided, removing ethnic, tribal, religious and unmerited advantages out of national limelight and the constitution into personal lives where they belong by establishing the following minimums:

True fiscal and cultural Federalism, with well demarcated 6 Regions. Each Region has potential for viability if well led. And, competition will be good for the regions and their people. Easy money, ultimately kills a soul that is housed by a lazy body. And the North has lagged behind the Southern Regions for this reason as evidence. Hardwork is part of a good life.

Specified directives for an accurate and credible census, with ethnic, religious and place of origin as part of data collected and collated, and executed as per international best practices as per the plans that we already developed and left behind in National Population Commission. This will have a comprehensive Vital Registration infrastructure to deliver, not just the Accurate and Credible demographic data for planning but for its updating on a continuous basis. 80% of our current problems in Nigeria will be cured by having ACCURATE DATA alone. It is the DATA stupid as the Americans say.

Management starts with it. Leadership without competent management will lead to no where and burns out.
We cannot plan or coordinate the economy or anything else without credible data. Celebrating the documentation of 4 million farmers is fool-hardiness given what is possible from a comprehensive National soft data infrastructure. Specifics should be put in the constitution that should enable National population commission to carry out its constitutional mandate without political interference. The political requirement that census result is subject to council of state acceptance is nonsensical and should be deleted.

All other bodies in the constitution, including security agencies, should be sharpened and protected from political interference. A functioning Council of State for instance cannot be there and certain things are happening. The constitution should specify directions and implementation imperatives and matrices.
Anti-corruption policies, practices and sanctions must be better specified and the body made independent of all arms of Government and immunity clause expunged. Plea bargain provision must not be extended to issues of corruption and stiffer jail terms and recoveries must be enunciated to serve as deterrents. Corruption should be made unprofitable from all dimensions.

The 2000 or so MDAs under the Federal Structure should be reduced to a level where recurrent expenditure is maximum of 30% with capital expenditure minimum of 70%. All extra constitutional bodies like EFCC, ICPC etc etc should be abolished and absorbed in their constitution most relevant bodies or MDAs. The assignment of responsibilities to Federal and Regional governments should be aligned, including security agencies.

A two-party system should be enshrined into the constitution with ideological orientation and broad socio-economic development directives specified.

Job creation growth routes should be favoured given our huge population. Party primaries to sieve out criminals and any one with criminal records should be specified. The minimum qualification for political office should be aligned to weight of office (Buhari is qualified under current specification that ask for up to secondary school which is really JSS 1, even for one day. But Buhari with his military training and on the job experience up to former Head of State, GCFR, is more than qualified.

A provision should be added that the NSA should be prosecuted and sent to jail if his agency withholds the criminal records of criminals and refuse to give them to political parties and INEC to sieve out useless people from aspiring to political office. And if the occupant of that office becomes a threat to national security with inappropriate conducts that are corruption or politically motivated, like scuttling planned elections, he should be prosecuted and sent to jail. It is more dangerous when those that should protect us become the threats to national security.

INEC should have powers to disqualify at the last minute without replacement option by political parties. This will make the parties to be more careful and for Nigeria to start the process of evolving credible and competent political leadership. Given the numerous problems in the land, our brightest and the best should be attracted to public service in place of corrupt scums and economic predators, criminals, professional thugs and uneducated jesters. In matters that determine national security and well-being of the nation, only the very best will do.

Conclusion: Size matters. So, I believe that progress within Nigeria will be better than progress as ethnic champions. Nigeria has had a chequered history from colonial times through the years of the locusts, years of occupation army of fortune to the recent years of the Jonathan failed Presidency. Upcoming democratic election gives Nigeria another chance and all signs point to Change, as a popular choice of most Nigerians and nothing should be allowed to derail that.

General Buhari needs to be secured. Nigeria needs him. Nigerians want him. When his party wins the Presidency, Buhari should continue to provide integrity-based leadership. He should then lead the Presidency, as the first citizen, doing the right things for all Nigerians at all times. Leadership by example is the best way to lead. The best way to think. The best way to speak without words. And the best way to act. It will be there for all to see, feel and honour. Leadership to secure Nigeria and improve the well-being of all Nigerians.

Leadership by example, will be a product that does not need propaganda or display of obscene advertisement to sell. It will sell itself. It has sold itself without making effort as it can be perceived and felt. Truth is self-evident. Facts do not need debates. All the propaganda in the world cannot make a lie true. What is Right, like Goodness, uplifts. Evil depresses, even to one who pretends they are hardened.

With a continued personal example, a Greater Vision for Nigeria and all Nigerians and with an honest hard work towards the seven key challenges identified here as the basic minimum, the Golden Era of Nigeria will start and the life of Nigerians will be properly rebased in reality. For now, all should do whatever is in their power to support the election of Buhari and ignore all campaign propaganda and mis-information and even assassination threats from panic-stricken political thugs. It is too late in the day for PDP. The party needs to take stock after losing and reform to become an effective opposition party. It will be good for its soul. And good for Nigeria. Above all, it will be good for Democracy: to keep the ruling party then, APC, in check. No condition is permanent, says the visionary Zik of Africa.

And may God continue to bless Nigeria, our Home Land, and all Nigerians!!!

Eze Festus Odimegwu, CON, is former MD/CEO NB Plc and immediate past Chairman of the National Population Commission